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A gastronomic experience with a view.

When the cult of flavors and fresh ingredients incites the desire to create something new, the result is Digby: a restaurant born from the passion to celebrate the traditions of Portuguese cuisine, while adding a new twist. If you want to enjoy an exquisite meal combined with some of the best wines that Portugal has to offer; have lunch or simply enjoy one of our exclusive cocktails on the terrace with one of the best views of Porto - Digby is your place. After all, Digby finds itself in the award-winning 5-star boutique art hotel, Torel Avantgarde - where everything is based on the art of creation. Inspired by the glamor of the 1930s, Digby is an elegant space that features brown and gold tones as an extension of its own view of the river at dusk. Portuguese furniture with handmade design - mostly in wood, cork and velvet - appeals to comfort, making you feel truly at home.

Meat is the protagonist and lays the foundations to try a cuisine thought into the utmost detail. Chef Hugo Portela invites you to try the culinary specialties of this concept based on the Portuguese soul; to take your time to truly enjoy the dishes. And time is the key in Tenro by Digby – at both: at the time of cooking, and at the time of enjoying. At Digby, we give you all the time necessary – and wanted - time so you can enjoy the best meat in Portugal. Until it reaches your table, all meats go through a preparation process taking up to 7 days in brine, with a salt concentration of 3% to 7%, followed by a marinade that uses different products, and lastly, the cooking in the special oven takes between 6 and 10 hours.

In a perfect triad between protein, garnish and sauce, the menu is based on traditional Portuguese cuisine that values the quality and transparency of the flavors, on the palate that makes you travel to your origins. In the charcoal oven fed with coconut shells (charcoal), normally used for cooking at high temperatures, the meats are cooked at low temperature in a method accompanied with mastery.

Tenro by Digby. The concept that lingers in the name of tradition. Slow Cooking at its best.


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At Tenro by Digby, 7 indigenous breeds are available - Arouquesa, Barrosã, Cachena, Maronesa, Minhota, Miresas and Bísaro Pork. Tenro is thus distinguished from a Steakhouse by the cuts of meat and pieces used, since the principle is always to cook the whole pieces. The Tenro by Digby starters invite you to enjoy the pleasure of sharing, and in the main dishes there is no place for individual portions. Because all parts of the piece of meat are used without giving rise to waste, the main ones are intended for the dish, while the rest give life to pies of English origin, in a tribute to Kenelm Digby that perpetuates its essence, and others are becoming delicious sandwiches and snacks. All the menus present in Torel Avantgarde reflect this concept.

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We have a vast wine list available, with the best Portuguese wines, covering all regions with their unique characteristics.

The virtuoso namesake of our restaurant is Sir Kenelm Digby. Born on July 11, 1603, Sir Digby was known for his versatility, being a diplomat, courtier, natural philosopher, astrologer and author of a cookbook. But it was a more prosaic invention that sealed its place in history, because Sir Kenelm Digby was the inventor of the modern wine bottle. So here in Digby, it's all about wine. We also honor it with wine bottle decorations throughout our space and with typical British pies on our menu.


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Testimonials from our customers & friends

"Excelente ambiente, simpático, elegante acolhedor. A cozinha surpreende pelos sabores e apresentação dos pratos, chef acessível a opções de troca de elementos nos pratos. Atendimento espetacular e atencioso por parte dos empregados de mesa, a destacar a menina Marta: majestosa e profissional a servir, ser simpática e nós deixar a vontade devido ao nível requintado do menu e espaço. Adoramos"

"Comida muito boa, ambiente super agradável, com funcionários simpáticos. Um sítio que recomendo e voltarei definitivamente"

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.